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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts: SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio offers users two keyboard schemes. By default, it uses the Standard scheme, with keyboard shortcuts based on Microsoft Visual Studio. A second scheme, called SQL Server 2000, closely resembles the tools from SQL Server 2000, in particular the keyboard shortcuts from the Query Analyzer. In a few cases, SQL Server Management Studio cannot offer the keyboard shortcuts from Query Analyzer. To change the keyboard scheme or add additional keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, click Options. Select the desired keyboard scheme on the Environment, Keyboard page.

For Shortcuts page. Click here to navigate.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 Key binding Posters

If you like those little Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, you can download posters from the below location. Here are reference posters for the default key bindings in Visual Studio 2010 for Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual F#

Download here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Difference Between Build and Re-Build in Visual Studio .Net?

Build means compile and link only the source files that have changed since the last build, while Rebuild means compile and link all source files regardless of whether they changed or not. Build is the normal thing to do and is faster. Sometimes the versions of project target components can get out of sync and rebuild is necessary to make the build successful. In practice, you never need to Clean.

Build or Rebuild Solution builds or rebuilds all projects in the your solution, while Build or Rebuild <project name> builds or rebuilds the StartUp project. To set the StartUp project, right click on the desired project name in the Solution Explorer tab and select Set as StartUp project. The project name now appears in bold.

Build.BuildSolution F6 or CTRL+SHIFT+B Builds all the projects in the solution.
Build.BuildSelection SHIFT+F6 Builds the selected project
and its dependencies.

Hope this helps Smile

Monday, July 26, 2010

Keystroke Function

WIN - Opens the Start Menu

WIN + E - Opens My Computer in Windows Explorer

WIN + Pause/Break - Opens the System Properties dialog box

WIN + U - Opens the Utility Manager

WIN + R - Opens the Run box

WIN + F - Opens the Search for Files and Folder window

WIN + M - Minimizes all Windows

WIN + L - Lock Computer

WIN + B - Selects the first item in the System.Use arrow keys to navigate.

Alt + Tab - Switch between open programs.

Alt + Enter - Opens the Properties page of a selected item

Shift + Delete - Permanently deletes and item
Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Opens the Windows Task Manager

PrntScn - Takes a screenshot of the entire screen, saves it on the clipboard

Alt + PrntScn - Takes a screenshot of the active  windows

F1 - Opens the Windows XP

F2 - Help = Rename selected item

F3 - Search

F5 - Refresh Internet Explorer page

Ctrl + A - Select All

Ctrl + C - Copy

Ctrl + X - Cut

Ctrl + V - Paste

Ctrl + P - Print

Ctrl + O - Open

Ctrl + Backspace - Deletes the entire word to the left

Ctrl + Delete - Deletes the entire word to the right

Ctrl + Right arrow - Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word

Ctrl + Left arrow - Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word

Ctrl + Down arrow - Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph

Ctrl + Up arrow - Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph

Click Shift 5 times - Turns StickyKeys on or off